Sunday, 9:00 am

THE SEEKERS (Mixed-Aged Adult Women)
Room 312
Facilitator: Carol McEntee

Sunday, 9:30 am

THE SEEKERS @ The Gwinnett Medical Extended Care Facility
This group of members of The Seekers class goes to Gwinnett Medical and facilitates a Sunday School class on campus every Sunday. 
Facilitator: Linda Kent

THE GIFT (Mixed-Aged Adults)
Room 318
Facilitator: Bill Edgar

Sunday, 11:00am

OPEN DOOR CLASS (Mature Adults)
Room 318
Facilitators: Lloyd and BJ Griffith

Room 311
Facilitator: Leslie Hester and Dan Sitz and

THE WELL (Mixed-Aged Adults)
Room 313
Facilitator: Brian Green
Contact: Bernie Richardson



YOUTH Sunday School

5th & 6th Graders
Meet in room 303-304
Contact Mary Jones for more info.

7th - 12th Graders
Meet in the Lockridge Fellowship Hall.
Contact Paula Anderson for more info.