Stephen Ministry 

Stephen Ministry was named in honor of Stephen, one of the first lay people in the early church called to help those in need. Acts 6:8, the apostles commissioned Stephen and a few others to provide caring ministry for the church when needs for care arose beyond what the apostles were able to meet. It is a one-on-one ministry for individuals who are going through life’s difficult seasons. If you or someone you know has lost a loved one, gone through a divorce, is suffering with illness of self or a loved one, has lost a job, has a new empty nest, has problems with a family member, or other major life events, explore what Stephen Ministry has to offer. Having your own confidential person to talk with who is objective and able to give a listening ear can help so much! Stephen Ministers listen and care. They also pray with you and for you. If you need someone to listen and care, please contact one of the names below to be matched with the Stephen Minister that is right for you.

Contact the Stephen Ministry at or call the church office at 770-339-9801.


Grief Share

Grief Share is designed to help people with the deep hurt that comes from losing someone close to you. It encourages individuals on their journey from mourning back to joy.  If you or someone you know has suffered a loss of a loved one, we are here to help. Everyone grieves differently, and there is no right or wrong way. There is no pressure to attend every session.  Each session will cover a different topic, but all topics are open at each session, and questions are welcome.  All conversations are confidential. Come and share your story, or just listen; we want you to feel comfortable. Your grief is not the same as anyone else’s, but all grief is normal. Let us walk with you, down your unique path, in your own time.  

For more information, please contact Susan Rowe at 770-339-9801 or, or Maureen Southerland,
The next group will be starting on Sunday, August 11, 2019, at 4pm in room #311.


Financial Peace University

This life-changing program is designed to put you in control of your finances! Learn how to get out of debt, stay on target, avoid some of the more common pitfalls, and build wealth. And, while building up your financial security, you meet some great people, strengthen your marriage and find ways to teach your children sound financial principles. Contact Dawn Wilson at 770-995-6841.


Prayer Force

Through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, it is our mission to educate, intercede, encourage and model prayer that results in a powerful prayer life that transforms each individual, our church and our community.

Prayer requests can be made in several ways:

  • The website PRAYER REQUEST page;

  • The forms in the pews placed in the offering plate or prayer request box in the Prayer Chapel;

  • By calling the church office at 770-339-9801.

Confidentiality: We are concerned for your privacy. Based on how you complete your request, it will either be shared just with the pastors and a small circle of Prayer Force members or with the church body via email and/or the weekly Prayer Requests and Praise Reports Sheet.

Praises: We love to sing praises to our Lord. If you have been blessed, please share it with the body of Christ so we may join you in shouting, “Hallelujah!”

To learn more about the Prayer Force or to get involved, contact