McKendree United Methodist Church

McKendree Kids Clothes Closet

Upcoming Sale Dates and Times

Thursday, September 21st, 9am – Noon and 4:30 – 6:00pm – Seller drop off. Just come at whichever time is best for you.

Drop off kids’ items at the Fellowship Hall and juniors’ & women’s items in the Education Building. This will be marked for those not familiar with the church campus. Clothing must be dropped off in a plastic bin without a lid (see details below).

Thursday, September 21st, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Sellers, McKendree UMC members & MUMC Preschool families preview sale.

Friday, September 22nd, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm – Sale open to the public all day.

Saturday, September 23rd, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm – Half-Off Sale all day; open to the public.

Saturday, September 23rd, 5:30pm-6:00pm – Pick-up unsold items and your check. That’s right, sellers, you get your check the same day the sale ends!

This sale will have fall/winter clothes from newborn through junior sizes, as well as a huge selection of toys, books, games, furniture, and other baby/kid gear.

McKendree Women’s Closet

We also have a women’s consignment sale with the same dates/times as above. It will have clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Please click here to view all the details on McKendree Women’s Closet.


Seller Registration 

Seller Registration/Terms of Sale

You consign your items to this sale with the full understanding that you are the seller in this sale at McKendree United Methodist Church and that:

  1. The seller registration fee is $10 and must be paid at the time of registration.
  2. You will earn 70% of the sales of your items.
  3. You will not hold McKendree UMC responsible for any item that is lost, damaged, or stolen during the sale.
  4. You have checked the list of recalled products available from the Consumer Product Safety Commission as published on their and no product you have put into the sale was so listed.
  5. You have not put any item into the sale that contains more than 600 parts per million (ppm) total lead.

Register to sell Kid’s, Women’s, or Both for one registration fee. Pay by credit, debit, or bank account transfer below.

Register to sell.

*If you have technical issues registering with the above links, you can register on the church website.



Once you have paid your registration fee, you can go to our My Consignment Manager page to print your tags. This system allows you to easily print off your tags and track online what items have sold. This service is at no extra cost to you. Tags must be printed on heavy-duty card stock. We do not accept tags from other sales as this can lead to duplicate seller numbers. Tags must be safety-pinned to the front right shoulder, as you face the garment. To prevent injury, do not use straight pins.  Please use a numeric size in addition to Small, Medium, etc. Toys, books, and accessories must also have tags securely attached to them. Items without tags can not be sold.

Click Here to Print Tags


Click Here to Volunteer

Sellers will receive a $5.00 credit for each shift they volunteer to work, up to $10.00. This credit will be applied to the check the seller receives after the sale.


Items Accepted

Fall/Winter Clothes & Shoes (Sizes Infant through Junior Girls & Boys and Adult Women’s), Children’s Toys (NO STUFFED ANIMALS), Children’s Books, Children’s Videos,  Baby Equipment (NO CAR SEATS).  All clothing must be clean and in excellent condition. Inappropriate or damaged clothing will not be sold.

For women’s items, CURRENT, UPDATED STYLES sell best. All items will be screened upon drop-off to verify that they fit these guidelines. Anything not deemed appropriate for the sale will be returned at drop off.

200 Item limit. If you want to sell more items, contact us and we will determine if we have enough room.


Clothing Preparations

Clothing must be on a wire hanger.  Plastic hangers snap easily and do not fit on a 1½” rod.  Please be sure all belts and other loose articles are securely attached with safety pins to the main piece of clothing. As you face the garment on the hanger, the hook should be to the left so it looks like a question mark (?). Shoes should have their buckles buckled together or shoelaces tied together. Socks or other small items that go together should be placed in a Ziploc bag with the opening taped shut. No straight pins may be used.


Toys, books, and accessories must also be securely packaged. If a toy has loose pieces, please put the whole toy with its pieces in a clear Ziploc bag or in a clear trash bag that is tied shut. In the past we have had a problem with pieces getting lost during the sale. Make sure sets are complete!



Clothing must be dropped off with a plastic bin without a lid. Only one bin is required, even if you are dropping off both kids’ and women’s items. Your bin will be labeled with your seller number so that you will receive it with any of your unsold items at pick up. If you are donating all of your unsold items, a bin is not necessary at drop off.



Suggested pricing: 25% of retail

Prices must be round to the half dollar (ex: $3.00, $3.50, $4.00)

Here’s a great resource on pricing.



If you would like to donate your unsold items to charity, you must indicate that on your tags. At Drop Off, you must bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your check to be mailed to you if you do not plan to pick it up during the Pick Up times listed above. Children’s items are donated to the First Baptist of Lawrenceville Clothing Ministry and Junior & Women’s items are donated to the Quinn House.

If you do not want to donate your unsold items to charity, you must indicate that on your tags.

All items not picked up by the end of Drop Off will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Referral Rewards 

If you refer a new seller to us, you will earn $10 in Referral Rewards to spend at the current sale! In order for you to earn the Referral Rewards, the referred seller must be new to our database, register to sell, and drop off their items to sell. In order for us to know you referred them, the referred seller must tell us you referred them when they register. They do this by replying to the email assigning their seller number, and letting us know you referred them. The referred seller must let us know you referred them before seller drop-off begins. You do not need to be a seller yourself to earn Referral Rewards.


We are now accepting credit/debit cards!

Please note that a 3% transaction fee will be added for all debit/credit card purchases.


Where the money goes

Unlike most consignment sales, this sale’s proceeds do not go to the host, McKendree UMC.  The money goes to various charities including FOCUS Camp (a special needs camp held during the Summer at McKendree United Methodist Church); United Methodist Children’s HomeMurphy Harpst (a United Methodist home for abused children); Rainbow Village, scholarships for MUMC Preschool families in need, and McKendree UMC families struggling to provide for their children.


Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with seller tips and sale information!


Any questions?  Send us an email.

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